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Mastermind In One Weekend...
Join Me At My Home For A Private And Intimate Event Where We'll Build Your Mastermind Together And Create Your Marketing Strategy To Fill It In The Next 30 Days So That You Can Quickly And Easily Add 6-Figures To Your Bottom Line!
Join Me At This Intimate "Done-With-You" Event Now!
March 6th-8th 2020 At My Home In Calgary Alberta

Launching, Filling And Running A Mastermind Is One Of The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Grow Your Business, Add An Additional Stream Of Income, And Create More Free Time & Financial Abundance While Working With Clients You Love.

When You Join Me At This Event We'll Work Together To Build Your Mastermind And You'll Leave With Everything Created Including A Solid Action Plan For Launching And Filling It Quickly. Take Action Fast As There Are Only 12 Spots Available.
My Name Is Jay Fiset...
And I've been running masterminds for over 25 years.

I've been launching, filling and running masterminds for decades longer than most people who have now jumped on the mastermind "band-wagon" 

And over the last few decades I've had major mastermind successes, big mastermind failures, and I've discovered what works, what doesn't work, and what works BEST for creating huge impact and income through masterminds.
If you want a successful business launching, filling and running a mastermind is one of the tiny levers you can pull that can create the biggest impact for you AND your clients.

Imagine spending a few weeks filling your mastermind with clients that you love and adding 6-figures or more to your BOTTOM LINE.

And imagine having a new stream of income in your business that is separated from your time creating more financial abundance and time freedom.
This is exactly what launching a mastermind can do for you... create an extra $100,000+ of profit in your business without adding much time, effort or energy and working only with clients you love and who love you.

The challenge is is that MOST MASTERMINDS FAIL! And they fail because most people think it's a lot easier than it actually is and they try to do it on their own with no training or support.

After decades of launching and filling masterminds and teaching hundreds of other coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs to do the same I've distilled the most important tools, tactics, strategies and training that you need to get the job done and get it done FAST!

And I've built a process for us to work intimately together to position you & your mastermind, create the structure & pricing that fits in your business, and create the action plan for launching & filling it quickly with clients who love you.

This is exactly what we'll be doing at this Done-With-You Mastermind Event at my home and I invite you to join me.
About The Event:

Mastermind To MIllions LIVE is a 3 day event where you will get very hands-on, high level training from several different experts on how to launch and run successful masterminds in your business so that you can escape the time for money trap and easily add 6 figures to your income. 

When you attend you will get in-depth support on how to properly position yourself for higher fees and more money; How to be a great facilitator and leader that commands the attention of any room and builds a massive following, and on the more intricate details of attracting ideal clients into your business.

As a member of the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp who enrolled in the spring of 2015 you got a complimentary ticket to attend this event AND an additional ticket to bring a friend as well. To reserve your seat please click on the button below, make a small refundable seat deposit which will be returned to you at the event, and then you'll be all set and your spot will be held.
What You Will Learn:
What Will You Get At This Event?
When you take action today to be one of only 12 people joining me at my home for this intimate done-with-you event you'll be gaining up-close and intimate access to me and my wealth of knowledge on the subject of masterminds and you'll get one-on-one support from me on your specific situation. We'll work together on the promise of your mastermind and on positioning, structuring and pricing it in a way that it attracts the ideal clients you want.

And here's a quick snap shot of what we'll work on together....

First-Hand Experience Of A Powerful Mastermind
You'll begin the event on Sunday evening with a powerful mastermind with myself and the other 9 participants of the event where you'll get to experience the format, structure and process that create huge impact for participants. You'll experience this first hand as a participant on the hot-seat getting support from me and the rest of the group, and as a member supporting other participants. 

You'll get a high level of support on a specific challenge you're facing in your business right now and this process alone could be more valuable than your investment in this event. 
Many people try to launch masterminds without ever having experienced a powerful one and they end up copying formats or structure that don't really work over time. When you attend this event and have this experience you'll discover the process for facilitating high-impact events and hot-seats every single time.
Defining The PROMISE Of Your Mastermind That Has Ideal Clients Signing Up Like Crazy
Many people have a hard time describing the value of their programs or presenting their offers in a way that has people eager to sign up. At this event we'll work together to craft a promise that is irresistible to your ideal clients.

Imagine having total clarity and confidence in what your mastermind is, who it's for and the problem it solves for them. When you can speak with certainty about your offer and it's value it makes the right people want it event more.
When you leave this event you'll have your promise crystal clear and have all the language and messaging around it that is music to your clients ears.
Positioning You And Your Mastermind Powerfully In The Marketplace To Attract The Perfect Clients
Have you ever been annoyed by the quality or quantity of clients you've been attracting. (or lack thereof)? If you have that's simply a positioning problem, and one that we'll deal with when you join me at this event.
Perhaps you've thought about launching a mastermind before but have a similar fear to many people who want to launch masterminds.... "What if I only get 1 person? (or 2 or 3)" If you've ever thought this you're not alone and it's a valid concern. However, when you join me at this event and use my process for powerful positioning you'll create a clear and powerful message of who you are, what your mastermind is, who it's for which is the necessary trifecta for effortlessly attracting the perfect clients into your program.

You'll leave having powerfully positioned yourself, your mastermind and your clients in a way that has your mastermind being an exclusive and in high demand group
Structuring Your Mastermind In The Way That Best Serves You And Your Clients.
"How do I structure my mastermind?" ... I hear it all the time. There are so many things to consider when structuring your mastermind. you want it to provide massive value to your clients that has them coming back over and over again and you want it to truly leverage your time and fit in with your current business models.

Do you host live mastermind events? And if so, how often and where?
Do you do your mastermind digitally? And if so, when are the calls, how long are they, and what's the mastermind process?
Or is it a combination or both? And how long is it going to last?

These are all questions we'll answer when you attend the event. We'll dive into your business, your goals/objectives and figure out the most efficient structure for you that gets you what you want. This is where many people get stuck and you'll leave this event with your mastermind completely structured, mapped out and all the frameworks to make delivery a piece of cake.
Persuasive Pricing That Maximizes 
Profit And Enrollment
The age-old question of "How much should I charge?" When you attend this event we're going to answer that question clearly based upon your business model, your ideal clients and what you're wanting to accomplish. Pricing is important because if you charge too much or too little you'll miss your target market entirely. When you attend we'll choose your pricing and payment plan structure that attracts your ideal clients, has them wanting to sign up and maximizes the financial result you want in your business. 
Formulating Your Flawless Filtering Script That Keeps You In Qualified Conversations
Have you ever gotten tired of wasting time talking to people who are never going to sign up for your programs, or making offers that no one takes advantage of? When you join me for this event you're going to create your flawless filtering script which will quickly help you distinguish if someone is a fit for your program or not and save you a ton of time. 
Having this script will keep you in conversations with only your ideal clients who are qualified to be in your program. Without this script you're bound to waste a lot of time in conversations that go nowhere.
Creating the Perfect Launch Strategy To Quickly And Easily Fill Your Mastermind
When you leave this event you'll have your entire step-by-step action plan built out for quickly launching and filling your mastermind with ideal clients each paying you top dollar to be in your mastermind. You'll walk away implementing your promise, positioning, structure and pricing into a strategic action plan to enroll new clients and get your mastermind rocking.
Imagine having your entire mastermind business plan and marketing strategy mapped out and done for you... And imagine having the step by step process sitting in front of you to quickly and easily launch and fill your mastermind with paying clients that you love... allowing you to have more free time, add another revenue stream to your business and increase profit... That's exactly what we'll be doing at this intimate event at my home and if you want to launch a mastermind to create more value for your clients and add 6 figures to your bottom line I invite you to join me.

March 6th-8th 2020 At My Home In Calgary Alberta
A Few Success Stories
Martin la Tulippe
Close to $1,000,000 In 30 Days...
Martin did 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching with Jay on his mastermind and how to offer it from stage at his event. Using the simple framework he learned he sold close to $1,000,000 of mastermind memberships.
James Wedmore
$240,000 In One Week!
"Jay blew my friggin' mind in a brain dump about masterminds. Our phone call just played a huge role in a $240k income stream we just added to the business THIS WEEK.

Jay not only shared selflessly, but he has
invaluable wisdom and insight. This guy is a
genius. Seriously!"
Get Your Mastermind Built And Launch Plan Done At This Special Done-With-You Mastermind Event. 
If you’ve been wanting a more leveraged way to grow your business without taking on any more one-on-one clients and you’re wanting to maximize your impact while increasing your income and your time off, this event is for you.

This intimate event is going to be hands-on training where you won’t just be learning what to do. We’ll be diving in together and I’ll be telling you the best way to accomplish the results you’re wanting. No more guess work or confusion… just a solid action plan and clarity on exactly what to do to get it done.
When you join me we’ll map out your entire mastermind plan together. From it’s naming, structure and pricing, all the way to your enrollment process for filling it, your delivery, and your re-enrollment plan to keep it going. We’re going to cover it all and you’ll walk away with a done-for-you business plan for launching, filling and running your mastermind successfully and quickly adding 6 figures to your bottom line.
When And Where?
Friday March 6th: 6:00pm-10:00pm (Wine and appetizers will be served)
Saturday March 7th: 9:30am-6:00pm
Sunday March 8th: 9:30am-6:00pm

At my home in Calgary Alberta. (Address sent after registration)

Lunches will be provided.

Accommodations and transportation are on your own.

What's The Investment To Attend?
The investment to attend this intimate event with me at my home is lower than it’s ever been for something like this… (my team thinks I’m crazy)

You can join me as one of only 12 people at this event for less than it would be to hire me for just 3-HOURS! 

That’s right.

The investment to join me at this private intimate event at my home is less than $5,000.

That's a fraction of the $100,000 clients invest to work with em one-on-one, and one of the best offers I've ever made...

And with this being the case, spots for this experience are going to go quickly so if you know you want in take action FAST!

You'll get access to me and we’ll build out your entire mastermind game plan together at a fraction of the investment for working with me 1-on-1. 

You’ll get real time feedback and personalized support from me, my team and other participants… AND… with the results you’ll get from this experience the investment is well worth it.

So take action now and join me at my home in Calgary for this Done-With-You Mastermind Event!

Join Me Now For Only $4997
Or 2 Payments Of $2498.50
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